Summer Time!

Summer Time! Who doesn’t love going to the beach , barbecuing with friends , taking  vacations and longer riding days? This article will  share the importance of hydration and review: preventative hydration tips, symptoms and best foods practices recipe for a berry salad and refresher elixir best summer skin care & […]

Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays

Avoiding weight gain during the holidays may seem like a tall order. The extra cookies, pies and pumpkin spice lattes may be making your breeches feel snug. Follow my tips to keep your figure svelte and your horse happy 🙂 Eat enough protein Protein has been proven to increase metabolic rate […]

“Fall” For These Beverages…

Fall beverages that excite your taste buds and boost your health. You might say, “Fall beverages already?”  Sure doesn’t feel like it yet! In anticipation of cooler weather and seeing rain in the forecast, I’ve put together a few of my favorite beverages that I know you will fall in […]

Motivation Monday

This week’s Motivation Monday is to eat seasonal. Eating in-season produce is more economical and fruits and vegetables have more flavor and nutritional content. Summer is by far, my favorite month for the sensuous flavor profiles and antioxidant-rich varieties. I also feel right by supporting local farms and farmers. Below […]

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Toxic Sunscreen

Toxic Sunscreen – Edited By Kirstin Hill | Dr. Trevor Cates Ironically, the very thing we seek to protect ourselves from excessive sun   exposure can cause a hormonal imbalances and even lead to cancer. Chemicals are not well regulated in the United States with only up to 11 banned ingredients, […]

Post Holiday Detox

Flat Tummy: Fennel and Leek Soup Ingredients: Fennel, leeks, onions, garlic, cilantro, lemon juice, a dash of salt, pepper rosemary, chicken bouillon and garnished with cilantro. Uncured sausage may be added. Comment: A great dish that I just had to post right after eating. The lemon juice really pulls this […]

Homemade Horse Treats

    I’m sharing a recent article in the fall issue of Chronicle of the Horse Magazine on homemade horse treats. The recipes look easy and fun. Sharing some holiday cheer with your horse(s) will surely make you smile. Please share any of your favorite personal recipes below.

Lacking Energy?

  Do you find yourself needing more energy to get through your day(s), only hoping you have enough reserve at the end of the day to ride? You are not alone! Schedules can be demanding, which is why it’s important to fuel your body right. We know we need multiple […]