Kirstin Hill, R.D.

Kirstin Hill, RD, Certified EQUESTRIAN PILATES ® Instructor, is the owner of The Fit Equestrian in San Diego County, CA.  She was a Pony Clubber who competed locally and nationally before receiving her Bachelor of Science degree  in Food and Nutrition from San Diego State University.  She completed her clinical nutrition education at one of the most rigorous and competitive dietetic internships- the San Diego VA Healthcare System in La Jolla, CA.

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Her love for horses started when she was a young girl who started a tack cleaning business for her uncle’s fellow polo players.  Within no time, the polo team asked her to groom and warm-up a variety of their polo ponies. At the age of 14, with the support of her family, she joined Portola Valley, CA Pony Club to develop her horsemanship. Her first pony was a chestnut Haflinger named Paddington.Over the years, she came up through the ranks in a variety of English disciplines. While in high school, she worked at the Stanford Stroke Center to help pay for private training with the goal of competing at Pony Club Nationals at the fabled Horse Park in Lexington, KY.  In 2007, she was elected Captain to one of the Western Regional teams selected to compete there.  Her team captured the title in Training Level Dressage, winning by a 30-point margin over the 2nd placed team and beating out 24 other top-ranked teams in the nation.  In addition, Kirstin won an individual gold medal for her Musical Freestyle performance aboard Limerick, an Irish Sport Horse.

kirstin and kaya
Kirstin and Kaya


She is now a recognized “H” rated Pony Club graduate and hosts mini rider fitness clinics for Pony Clubbers in the San Diego area. In addition, she’s been asked to proctor Pony Club riding & horse management exams at the local level.Kirstin offers a variety of nutrition and  EQUESTRIAN PILATES ® athletic services to all levels of riders who desire to improve their riding fitness and overall health. She writes articles for a variety of equestrian publications related to rider fitness and general health.You can contact her to schedule private, group, 1-day or weekend sessions for Pony Clubs and barns locally and nationally by emailing

Qualifications & Certificates

Academy Nutrition & Dietetics – Licensed Professional

Dietitians in Integrative & Functional Medicine

Stott Certified Pilates Instructor Level 2

EQUESTRIAN PILATES ® Certified Instructor

Pony Club “H” Rated Graduate

Bay Shore Shore Club Professional Level Fitness Instructor

2007 Kentucky Gold Metalist & Team Title Champion

Poway Valley Riders Association – Eventing & Riding

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